Animal Shelter

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Our mission is to be the model for both rural and urban shelters; we reunite, rescue, shelter and secure permanent homes for adoptable companion animals and livestock; we support a healthy and responsible pet community as well as advocate for responsible pet ownership; we fight the pet overpopulation problem; and we protect the community by managing the epidemiological risks and enforcing the laws and ordinances pertaining to the animals.

Core Values

  • Believes every animal deserves to have its “Five Freedoms”:  Freedom from Hunger and Thirst; Freedom from Discomfort; Freedom from Pain, Injury, and Disease; Freedom to express Normal Behavior; and Freedom from Fear and Distress.
  • Actively working with the community and region to foster safe, healthy, and caring relationships between people and animals in our community.
  • Aggressively working towards eliminating animal cruelty and animal overpopulation.
  • Oversees the enforcement of animal related city, state, and federal codes.  Responds to animal control calls for service, prevents bites when possible, and conducts investigations.
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