1920's Theatrical Bankhead Production

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 - 10:30 A.M. - 2:30 P.M. - Southeast Corner of the Square on the Stage

Stick around to enjoy plays specially written by William Warren, presented by actors Theater Off The Square, and emceed by Parker County Judge Marl Riley.

Step back in time to a corner of the Weatherford Square in 1916 to hear two citizens (Plyaed by Patrick Gass and Lewis Schwartz) discuss a time when the world was larger because travel between cities was harder. 

Listen to a speech that J.A. Rountree, Secretary of the United States Good Roads Association (played by Jon R. Kruse), gave to rally the support for the U.S. Army to conduct a convoy of trucks along the Bankhead route. 

In the mid 1920's, the Bankhead Highway is finished and the world is getting smaller with easier travel between cities. Two citizens (played by Nikolai Braswell and Wally Jones) again meet on a corner of the Weatherford Square. 

Go back in time in the 1940's, tune into KTEX - Radio on the Bankhead Highway, and listen to a radio drama delightfully broadcast by Mark Riley, Jordan Nissen, Shelby Milner, Dan Parris, Rick Mauch, Don Watson, Drue Pettigrew, Patrick Gass, Nikolai Braswell, Lewis Schwartz, Wally Jones, Holly Kiehn, Dollene Price, Edwina Himes, Naomi Henley and Garrett Hamilton. 

Join us in costume!