Bulk Garbage

Bulk Garbage Collection
  • Bulk Garbage collection is provided once per month for paying customers who reside inside of city limits.
  • Bulk Garbage consists of household waste to large for regular garbage collection such as furniture, lumber, appliances, etc.
  • Residents may place their Bulk Garbage near their curb, clear of low power lines, trees, water meter, gas meters, cable boxes and mail boxes the weekend prior to their monthly scheduled collection day.
  • 2015 Bulk Brush & Garbage Collection Map and Calendar
We do not accept:
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Chemicals
  • Air conditioners
  • Refrigerators with compressors still connected
Please Note
  • Refrigerators can only be collected if a licensed technician has properly removed the refrigerant and compressor from the unit.
  • A copy of the certificate from the technician shall be provided.
  • This copy will be kept on file.

Brush & Bulk Garbage Collection Schedule
Quadrant Area
Quadrant 1
Collections will be the first week of the month
Area of Quadrant 1
  • West of North Main
  • North of Palo Pinto to the City Limit Line
  • 800 Block of East Oak & Connected Streets
  • East Bankhead Highway & Connected Streets, to the City Limit Line
  • Old Dicey Road and connected streets
  • Meadow View Drive & Connected Streets
  • Otto Drive & Connected Streets
  • Azle Highway to White Settlement Road
Quadrant 2
Collections will be the second week of the month.
Area of Quadrant 2
  • East of North Main
  • North of Fort Worth Street to Dicey Road
  • Lake Hollow
  • Cliff View Estates
  • Lake Weatherford
  • Forrest Park Addition
Quadrant 3
Collections will be the third week of the month.
Area of Quadrant 3
  • South of Palo Pinto Street
  • West of South Main to the City Limit Line
Quadrant 4
Collections will be the fourth week of the month.
Area of Quadrant 4
  • South of Fort Worth Street to the City Limit Line
  • East of South Main to Santa Fe & Connecting Streets