Preserving and Expanding Access to Culture and History (PEACH)

What is PEACH?
In partnership with local history groups, museums, and other interested parties, the Weatherford Public Library's PEACH Project actively seeks out and digitizes documents, maps, photographs newspapers, and other items related to Weatherford and Parker County history.

In addition, PEACH collects and digitizes oral histories.

Once these documents are collected and digitized, the digital files are made available through the PCLA online catalog at

Where does PEACH get documents to digitize?
While PEACH does draw some of its material from the library collections, the main source of PEACH content is you! We want to encourage members of the general public to contact us if they have items that pertain to Parker County history.

Do I have to give my items to PEACH permanently to have them digitized?
No. PEACH digitizes materials onsite at the Weatherford Public Library. Once the materials are scanned, PEACH does not need to retain the materials. You may choose to give PEACH the ability to display and distribute digital copies through its website even if you retain ownership and possession of the original materials.

Should you wish to donate materials to PEACH, you will complete a Deed of Gift assigning ownership of the materials to the City of Weatherford.

What is oral history?
Oral history is simply interviews with people who have firsthand knowledge-particularly of people, events, localities, or time periods. Typical interviewees for oral history projects include longtime residents, elected officials, and veterans. The PEACH repository allows users to access recordings of these oral histories.

Project Staff
Michael Saunders
PEACH Digitization Coordinator

Telephone: 817.598.4160