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Norman's Remarkable Second Chance at Life:

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Norman found his way to the shelter after being hit by a car. He was in poor condition with two broken hips, a broken leg, and multiple fractures. Although his outlook was grim at first, then Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Kent Glenn spent considerable effort in surgery on Normal and was able to give him his deserved Second Chance. Although adopted by a previous shelter employee and currently enjoying a life of luxury, we consider Norman as our "Shelter Ambassador" and include him in shelter events from time to time.

Norman is one of the many animals impacted by the life saving efforts of the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter. 

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Below is a list of the animals currently available in our shelter. Many more animals are on hold, waiting to be united with their owners. If unclaimed, those animals will also be available for adoption on time. 

Should you have any questions about the adoption process, you can find out more on our Adopt page. If you have questions about particular animals, call 87-598-4111 to talk to a shelter representative.