Mission & Core Values


Our mission is to enrich our community through exceptional professionalism, collaboration, and commitment to proactive policing. 


We shall forge a path toward becoming the safest city in Texas and establishing ourselves as a leader within the law enforcement community.  We will remain steadfast in our commitment to this agency, our employees, and our community by delivering servant leadership, advanced training and development, wellness initiatives, and state of the art facilities and equipment. 

Core Values 

Justice - We are committed to ensuring both internal and external procedural justice; treating others with dignity and respect, giving people a voice, being neutral in our decision making, and conveying trustworthy motives.  

Accountability - We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ideals of professionalism, ethics, and competency at every level of the Department.  We take responsibility for our performance and our actions and are willing to admit our mistakes.

Integrity - We accept nothing less than total commitment to the highest moral and ethical principles. We believe that acting honorably is the foundation of everything we do and the basis of public trust. We earn credibility by doing the right thing, being open and honest, and actively living our core values.

Teamwork - We understand the strength of cooperation and collaboration, and that our success depends on our ability to perform together as one cohesive team.  We are dedicated to creating a positive environment which fosters camaraderie for the common good.

Innovation - We encourage new ideas that support the fulfillment of our mission.  We value input that challenges our current ways of doing business in order to better deliver our services. 

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