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Important Information About COVID-19

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our retail stores, grocery stores, and pharmacy-type stores have had difficulty keeping toilet paper in stock.

If products other than toilet paper are used (such as baby wipes, wet wipes, or facial tissue), these products should be placed in the trash can, not flushed down the toilet. Only the 3 P's should be flushed: Toilet Paper, Pee, & Poop.  Toilet paper is specifically designed to break down in the sanitary sewer system.

Flushing baby wipes, wet wipes, paper towels, facial tissue, napkins, etc. down the toilet can cause problems with your plumbing and contribute to blocked sanitary sewer mains. These products if flushed could lead to clogged service lateral (sewer line between your house or business and the city's sanitary sewer main). Homeowners and business owners are responsible for the sewer service lateral and usually this usually requires the services of a plumbing contractor, which could be costly to the owner.  Even if the clog is in the city's sanitary sewer main (and not in the owner's service lateral), depending on when the city is called and how quickly a city crew can arrive on site, a sewage backup could potentially occur. To eliminate the potential for clogged pipes, be sure to only flush the 3 P's: Toilet Paper, Pee, & Poop.

And as a friendly reminder, if your home or business is having sanitary sewer issue, the City of Weatherford always recommends you contact the City first (817.598.4257, option #4).

Do Not Flush These Items 

What We Do 

Most importantly, the Water Utility is responsible for ensuring public health by providing clean drinking water, and proper treatment of wastewater prior to returning the water back into the environment. To accomplish this, the Water Utility, with a staff of 52 people, operates and maintains: 

  • Lake Weatherford and Sunshine Lake 
  • a 14-million gallon per day (MGD) water purification plant; 
  • over 280 miles of water distribution system pipelines (including 5 pump stations and 9 water storage tanks); 
  • over 210 miles of wastewater collection system pipelines (including 24 lift stations); and 
  • a 4.5-MGD wastewater treatment plant.

Emergency Services

If you have a water or wastewater emergency, please contact our 24-hour emergency services line at 817.598.4257. When prompted, select Option 4.