DIY Rain Barrel

The City of Weatherford Water Utilities Department recently partnered with Tarrant Regional Water District for a custom rain barrel display.

Learn About The Benefits Of A Rain Barrel & How To Build One:

-Capture water from your roof and/or gutters while it is raining to use on your landscape later

-Reduce stormwater runoff and save money on your water utility bill

-Build and install your rain barrel with just a few supplies from the hardware store

-Learn where to put your rain barrel to capture the most water

-Use rain to water plants or for wildlife water sources, like birdbaths

Please come by City Hall to view the rain barrel display and pick up a free How-To-Rainwater Harvesting brochure.  You can also visit https://savetarrantwater.com/diyrwh/ to learn more and watch a DIY Rainwater Harvesting video. 

What We Do

Most importantly, the Water Utility is responsible for ensuring public health by providing clean drinking water, and proper treatment of wastewater prior to returning the water back into the environment. To accomplish this, the Water Utility, with a staff of 52 people, operates and maintains: 

  • Lake Weatherford and Sunshine Lake 
  • a 14-million gallon per day (MGD) water purification plant; 
  • over 280 miles of water distribution system pipelines (including 5 pump stations and 9 water storage tanks); 
  • over 210 miles of wastewater collection system pipelines (including 24 lift stations); and 
  • a 4.5-MGD wastewater treatment plant.

Emergency Services

If you have a water or wastewater emergency, please contact our 24-hour emergency services line at 817.598.4257. When prompted, select Option 4.