ISO Rating

The Weatherford Fire Department places Weatherford in top 8.5 percent in Texas for fire protection

The City of Weatherford Fire Department received an improved public protection class (PPC) grade with the Insurance Services Office (ISO) that could result in savings to area homeowners and businesses in respect to what they currently pay for fire insurance. 

These new ratings should equate to insurance savings to residents and businesses that live within five miles of the nearest fire station. Residents and businesses that are within five miles, but do not have a fire hydrant within 1000 feet could also receive an insurance savings. However, the savings may not be as high. 

The ISO analysis of the Fire Department’s fire suppression capabilities resulted in a 2/2Y grade out of 10. Only 227 (8.5 percent) communities in the State of Texas have earned an equivalent or higher rating. 

ISO’s Public Protection Program (PPC) is the leading supplier of data and analytics for the property/casualty insurance industry. A community’s investment in fire mitigation is a proven and reliable predictor of future fires losses. Insurance companies use PPC information for marketing, underwriting and to help establish fair premiums for homeowners and commercial fire insurance. 

“The new PPC rating is a testament to our Fire Department’s commitment to the community,” said former City Manager Sharon Hayes. “There have been several key factors in obtaining the new rating, such as a new fire station, better training and implementation of better technologies. The Fire Department’s goal is to continually improve its overall operations and this is one example of how we are striving to provide the best emergency services for our community.” 

The new PPC classification will become effective after notification from the State Fire Marshal’s Office. The City of Weatherford Fire Department cannot guarantee that residents and businesses will receive lower fire insurance premiums and are encouraged to call their insurance provider to inquire. 

About ISO

  • ISO is an independent organization that measures the quality of public fire protection on which insurance premiums are based. 
  • ISO provides insurance companies, insurance regulators and fire departments, with the data they collect about fire risk in their communities. 
  • ISO employees visit thousands of fire districts each year in effort to review the firefighting capability and adequacy of water systems in those communities. *ISO analyzes the relevant data and assigns a Public Protection Classification (PPC); A number from 1 to 10. Class 1 represents exemplary fire protection, and Class 10 indicates that the area's fire-suppression program does not meet ISO's minimum criteria. 

Please visit ISO's website for more information on Public Protection Classifications

Print one of these letters above from the Texas Department of Insurance, to receive the latest ISO Class Rating information for your insurance agent. If you reside within the city limits use the first letter. If you reside outside the city limits but receive fire protection from the Weatherford Fire Department use the OPA (Outside Protected Area) letter.