Strategic Plan

The Communications and Marketing Department’s Strategic Plan will aid in the implementation of a unified message for reaching Weatherford citizens, partners and key constituents. 

The development of this plan occurred during a 12-month period (starting in 2017) with consultation from Texas Christian University (TCU) Bob Schieffer College of Communication. Faculty leadership was provided by Jacqueline Lambiase, Ph.D. and Laura F. Bright, Ph.D. Additional faculty consultation was provided by Sarah Maben, Ph.D. from Tarleton State University (TSU).

The strategic plan is a nimble three (3) year plan that will be subject to ongoing evaluation and monitoring as communication needs evolve. Adaptability will be key to the success of this plan and will require support from City of Weatherford leadership, employees and elected officials.

Five major goals are addressed within the strategic plan. They are:

  • Deliver accurate information that informs our public, citizens and employees.
  • Utilize and discover ways to better communicate within the scope of new technological advances that can improve overall City communication and create conversations with our public.
  • To have the public, businesses, elected officials and City staff adopt, support and live the Experience Weatherford tourism brand.
  • Engage and maintain better relationships with news media, both locally and regionally.
  • Ensure citizens, public, businesses, employees and elected officials are notified in the case of an emergency or crisis.

These goals are adaptable and flexible to the public’s continual change in communication and marketing demands. Strategies and tactics are closely tied to each goal with attainable results. This plan is designed for the purpose of guiding the City’s present and foreseeable communication needs while aiding in the development of long-term goals. It defines the City’s communication focus and provides guiding principles to meet the needs of key constituents.

The plan has been updated and grown since the original plan was created. It will continue to grow and the goals are evaluated each year.  

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