Communications and Marketing Director

The Director of Communications and Marketing is responsible for planning and conducting community relations programs for the City of Weatherford. Activities include production of the annual report, website development, internal communications and social media engagement. Communications and Marketing also responds to media requests and assists with special events to promote local tourism while working with other departments to promote education and outreach initiatives.

Five major goals for the Department of Communications and Marketing include:

  1. Deliver accurate information that informs the public, citizens and employees.
  2. Utilize and discover ways to better communicate within the scope of new technological advances that can improve overall City communication and create conversations with the public.
  3. To have the public, businesses, elected officials and City staff adopt, support and live the Experience Weatherford tourism brand.
  4. Engage and maintain better relationships with news media, both locally and regionally.
  5. Ensure citizens, public, businesses, employees and elected officials are notified in the case of an emergency or crisis.