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Distance learning is a term that is interchangeable and synonymous with virtual, remote, or online learning. It can be self-paced or directed by an instructor. Virtual or online schools provide a comprehensive education program that uses video lessons and online links to instruct, guide, grade, test, and keep a record of a student’s education. A diploma is often provided upon completion. Not all distance learning is online and could be a blended approach of teacher interaction and online work, or an offline option may be available using DVD videos, interactive software, textbooks, and step-by-step lesson plans with an off-site assignment delivery location for students who have limited internet access. Online curriculum is another variation of distance learning where the student is guided through assignments, videos, weblinks, and other resources for a comprehensive education. It is up to the parent to make sure the student is completing the scheduled work. Grades, records, and diplomas are not usually provided.

E-Learning expands the terms above to include additional educational website choices for a variety of formats like downloadable worksheets, editable templates, learning tools, videos, e-books, educational games and weblinks. They may or may not include lessons plans, tests and other helps. Parents may need to provide guidance on selections.

The Weatherford Public Library has computer workstations for internet access. Our collection has many homeschool curriculum selections, and the Homeschool Resources webpage has more free resources available. Please let us help you have a great homeschool year!


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Note: Curriculum cannot be accredited, only schools. You must specify upon enrollment that you are registering for an accredited program. Accredited homeschools provide required materials, grading, testing, lesson plans, student help, record keeping, and a diploma at different levels of pricing based on courses and formats selected. 

If you plan to send your child to public school sometime in the future, an accredited program may be easier to receive credits during the transfer, especially for the upper grades. 
To clarify, accreditation is not required in any of the 50 states in order to homeschool or to be accepted as a homeschooler to a college, university, trade school, or military service. Each school district, however, has different criteria on determining grade placement upon entry or re-entry. This is a local decision---not made by the state of Texas. Review your school’s re-enrollment policies if you think you might return to public school after homeschooling.

You can see some examples of accredited homeschools by selecting your preference of content, religious or secular, below. The links provided are just samples to view so you can determine if an accredited program is right for your family, such as cost and format. There are many more programs available.


Abeka Academy
Alpha Omega Academy (Monarch)
Bob Jones University (Homeschool Connect)
CLASS (Christian Liberty)
Lighthouse Christian Academy (A.C.E.)


Forest Trail
Laurel Springs (grades 6-12)
Oak Meadow
Well-Trained Mind Academy
*WiloStar3D (grades 6-12)

*offers adapted curriculum and assistance for special needs students 


The Weatherford Public Library is providing this resource to assist local homeschoolers. A great amount of the information is useful for all educators and parents. It is not an endorsement of any product or business mentioned or a promotion of homeschooling as a preference over other choices in education.