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For Teaching

ABC Teach
A free account contains 6,500 limited download options of free resources for Pre-K through 8th grade. A subscription provides almost 10 times that number and no limits.

BBC Bitesize
The education page of the BBC offers help with homework and learning through free videos, quizzes, guides, and activities. Selections are categorized by level and subject based on UK educational standards. For a culturally insightful experience, there’s an option to translate materials to Gaelic, Irish or Welsh!

A free basic access account includes access to games, workbooks, activities, lesson plans, exercises, songs, and stories for educational purposes. A premium membership offers unlimited access to additional resources.

Enchanted Learning
A free, kid-friendly, user interface website offers learning that includes crafts, art activities, coloring pages; great for supplementing theme-based learning! Membership is available but not required.

Freely Homeschool
If you want an easy to locate free resource website, this user-friendly formatted collection of resources is a great find.

These curriculum options were produced by a homeschool family; some free, some to purchase.

Homeschool.com has been helping homeschool families for over 20 years. Access the 2023 Education Websites award winners here.

Homeschool Share
This online cooperative provides homeschooling parents with free quality literature units and lapbook resources created by other homeschoolers.

How to Homeschool
Get access to free curriculum and resources from this website once a month by signing up via e-mail. Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List 2020-2021 is an alphabetical list of comprehensive resources that are engaging, well rounded and unique. Also, check out the winners for the Best Homeschool Curriculum & Resources Awards 2023-2024 and 25 Top Education Apps. Enjoy product reviews, guides, and homeschooling advice.

Kidzone Worksheets for Children

Free printable worksheets can be found here for preschool and elementary children for all subjects.

The Measured Mom

Many free and simple low-prep resources are available for preschool and elementary children, especially for language arts and math. These are high quality materials and the booklets are an excellent supplement to any reading program. Additional materials are available for purchase.

Moby Max
Moby Max is the winner of multiple awards for personal learning software that finds and fixes learning gaps. Free versions are available; options to upgrade will require a purchase.

This free quiz sharing website (no registration required for searching) offers thousands of pre-designed quizzes, or create your own quiz (register to create).

School Express
Find free worksheets, games, activities and videos.

Schoolhouse Rock Videos
Many of these classic videos are now available on YouTube! Use them to teach grammar, math, and American history. Your child will retain facts easily with this music based format.

Super Teacher Worksheets
Some free items are available; membership price opens all the worksheets.

The Teacher's Corner
The above website is a collaboration project of free teacher resources, lesson plans, worksheets and activities. 

Locate free and easy to use worksheets, tools, a worksheet maker, lesson plans and more (K-12).

This Reading Mama
Homeschooling mom and certified teacher offers tons of free, literacy based learning materials for the early years. Resources are excellent quality and great for special needs learners as well. Additional items can be purchased.


The Weatherford Public Library is providing this resource to assist local homeschoolers. A great amount of the information is useful for all educators and parents. It is not an endorsement of any product or business mentioned or a promotion of homeschooling as a preference over other choices in education.