Pet Identification

If your pet gets lost, it can be a heartbreaking situation if you can't find him/her. The Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter (WPCAS) takes in thousands of lost or stray animals each year. By law, we are required to hold a lost or stray animal for 72 hours. Unfortunately, most of these animals have no ID of any kind, making it nearly impossible to find the owner. Surprisingly, many people never think to look for their pet at the shelter. Without ID, most pets never make it back home.

Remember, pets can’t carry a wallet or speak for themselves. An ID tag, rabies tag, or microchip can make all the difference between a happy homecoming and heartbreak. ID your pet today!

If you have a hard time keeping a collar or tag on your pet, consider getting a microchip. Microchips are tiny electronic capsules that are embedded under the pet’s skin. A code in the chip links the animal to its owner through a database. Furthermore, it can’t come out or get lost! WPCAS, as well as many veterinary clinics and other animal care agencies, can scan animals and find the owners.  
WPCAS offers microchipping for only $20 per animal and its quick and easy. Call 817-598-4111 today to schedule your pet to be microchipped. Most veterinarians offer this service as well.

ID & Rabies Tags
If you own a cat or dog, please make sure your pet always wears a collar with a current ID tag and/or rabies tag. Just because an animal has a microchip, doesn't mean it will wind up at WPCAS or a vets office where we can check for them. Tags can be purchased at the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter for a small donation of $5 (for small tags) or $7 (for large tags).

Additional Information
If you have questions about how to ID your pet, email us.