Active Warrant Listing

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Defendant's with a Texas driver's license will have a hold. The hold will not be released until the warrant is paid in full.

To pay your citation online, please visit

Warrant types:

AW = Arrest Warrant (defendant did not appear, no plea entered)

CP = Capias Pro Fine (plea and judgment entered, defendant did not comply with court order, if arrested, bond cannot be posted)

CW = Capias Warrant (defendant entered not guilty plea and failed to appear at court)

OB = Off Bond warrant

/FormCenter/Municipal-Court-19/Request-for-Payment-Extension-Capias-Pro-80Warrant Resolution 2023

Weatherford Municipal Court will hold a Warrant Resolution from March 6, 2023, through March 31, 2023.

During this time, defendant's with an active Arrest Warrant may be eligible to receive a 50% reduction of the fine (not court costs) if the warrant is paid in full.  Exclusions apply, and any reduction in fine is at the Municipal Judge's discretion.

To inquire if you are eligible, please contact court staff at (817) 598-4120 or appear in person at 303 Palo Pinto Street in Weatherford. You will not be arrested at the court if you appear in person to make arrangements on an active warrant

If payment cannot be made in full, defendants are eligible to request a payment extension.  To request a payment extension on an Arrest Warrant, Capias Warrant or Off Bond Warrant, click here.

To request a payment extension on a Capias Pro Fine Warrant, click here.

To determine your warrant type, click here