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May 03

Mosquito tracking with open data

Posted on May 3, 2013 at 11:31 AM by Chad Janicek

For the 2013 mosquito season, the City of Weatherford is introducing new measures to help combat West Nile Virus, including more robust testing and treatment procedures. The bulk of this work falls to Consumer Health (testing), Parks Maintenance (setting traps and implementing treatment protocols), and Code Enforcement (receiving complaints and for compliance issues). To help coordinate all of these different pieces, we'll be using the City's new open data tool.

(For more information on open data, visit this page)

Reporting Mosquito Complaints
To report concerns about standing water, abandoned pools, or other mosquito-related issues, Citizens can use our new Mosquito Complaint Form. All responses are fed directly into a dataset on the City's open data web site. Citizens can also check to see if an issue has already been reported before submitting a duplicate.

Testing Procedures
The Parks & Properties division will be responsible for trapping mosquitoes across the City for testing purposes. Within the next couple of weeks, they will begin setting traps to be left out for a 24-hour period. Any mosquitoes that are caught will be sent for testing, and corrective action will take place based on the results of those tests.

We will be using the open data site to keep track of each trap, including the dates it was set and collected, the location of the trap, and the results of any tests run on mosquitoes collected. This information will be published directly from the parks work order system. 

Trap and testing data can be found here.

Treatment Procedures
The Parks & Properties division will also be responsible for minor treatment procedures (up to, but not including, spraying). We will be using the open data site to keep track of each treatment, including the date it was performed and the location. 

All non-spray treatment data can be found here.