What can I do to help?

If possible, seek an alternate route to avoid North Main Street.  If you cannot find an alternate route, please provide an extra measure of caution around the construction site.  Please be patient and mindful of construction traffic and workers in these areas.  The City of Weatherford and its contractor appreciates your patience and understanding while we complete this important project!

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1. What is this project?
2. Why are you doing this project?
3. How will this project affect me?
4. How will this project affect my commute using North Main Street?
5. I live or work on North Main Street. Will I be able to get to my property?
6. How long will this project take?
7. How long will the work be in front of my property?
8. When will the work happen in front of my property?
9. How early or late will the work take place?
10. Who do I call with questions or concerns?
11. How do I check the progress of the project?
12. If you are replacing water and sewer lines, will my water or sewer service be turned off?
13. Can I expect a difference in water pressure after this project is done?
14. How long will it take to repair the street after the water and sewer lines are put in?
15. Where can I find a map of the project?
16. What can I do to help?