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Animal Shelter Survey

  1. WPCAS Customer Survey
  2. Please rate your overall experience at the WPCAS:
    (1 being a poor experience and 5 being a great experience)
  3. Please rate your overall impression of the following areas:
    (1 being a poor impression and 5 being a great impression)
  4. Overall cleanliness of shelter facilities
  5. Adopt-ability of Pets
  6. Helpful office staff
  7. Helpful volunteers
  8. Friendliness of staff
  9. Friendliness of volunteers
  10. How easy was it to find an employee or volunteer to assist you?
  11. How easy was it to navigate within the shelter on your own and find what you needed?
  12. How well did staff or volunteers meet your expectations in recommending adoptable animals to best fit your home/pet situation?
  13. Would you recommend WPCAS to your friends and/or family?
  14. If you visited the shelter to adopt a pet, but decided not to, what was the reason?
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