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Average Billing Plan

  1. Average Billing Plan
    Unpredictable variations in the weather make it very hard to fit your utility bill into a budget. Utility bills may vary monthly according to your consumption. To help "even out" the highs and lows of your utility bills, the City of Weatherford offers an Average Billing Plan.
  2. How does the plan work?

    The average payment program, performed in October of each year, is an annual calculation that averages the consumption of each participating utility for the previous billing year (October through September). 

    Each month an average payment will be due based on 1/12th of the annual calculation for each utility participating in the average payment program. The averaging plan does not change the rates or consumption amounts, it simply allows payments of those bills to be spread more evenly throughout the year.

  3. What is a reserve balance?

    The reserve balance in the account is the difference between the actual changes incurred on the account and the average amounts paid on the account. Upon termination of the account, this reserve account is also trued-up on the final bill whether a debit or credit balance. A request to start average billing can be completed using the Average Billing Plan form online for consideration and application to the account. 

  4. Will I pay the same amount each month?

    No. The only services included in the Average Biling Calculation is electric, water, and sewer. The Power Cost Adjustment is not part of the Average Billing Calculation.

  5. How will I know if I am eligible

    In order to qualify for the Average Billing Plan you must 1) Be a residential Customer and 2) Have no disconnects for non payment, insufficient checks or more than 2 late payments in the last twelve months of history.

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