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Average Billing Plan

  1. Average Billing Plan
    Unpredictable variations in the weather make it very hard to fit your utility bill into a budget. Utility bills may vary monthly according to your consumption. To help "even out" the highs and lows of your utility bills, the City of Weatherford offers an Average Billing Plan.
  2. How does the plan work?
    Each month your Average Billing Plan payment is an average of your current bill and the previous 11 billings, plus 10% of the balance in your reserve, whether that balance is a debt or a credit. The Average Billing Plan does not change the rates that you pay or the amount of your consumption from month to month. It simply allows you to pay less in high usage months by paying more in low usage months.
  3. What is a reserve balance?
    The reserve balance is the difference between the actual charges that you incur and the averaged amounts that you pay. Depending on the fluctuations in your billings, it may sometimes be a debit or credit balance.
  4. Will I pay the same amount each month?
    No. Because it is an average including the current billing, and 10% of your reserve, the amount that you pay will vary somewhat. It will not be a set amount.
  5. How will I know if I am eligible
    In order to qualify for the Average Billing Plan you must 1) Be a residential Customer and 2) Have no disconnects for non payment, insufficient checks or more than 2 late payments in the last twelve months of history.
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