Administration & Accounting


This division is responsible for:
  • The management of all financial operations for the City.
  • Cash and debt management.
  • Long range financial planning.
  • Development of financial policies and procedures.
  • Advising management on matters relating to financial management of the City.
  • Maintaining the Weatherford Water Supply Reservoir Lake Lot License Agreements.


  • Accurately records and reports all financial transactions of the City in accordance with state and local laws and generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Maintains a system of internal control safeguarding the City's financial resources and assets.
  • Obtains the most cost-effective goods and services on behalf of all City departments.
  • Assures compliance with applicable state and local laws relating to the expenditure of public funds.
Gold Circle Award
The City of Weatherford received the 2012 Leadership Gold Circle Award for Financial Transparency from the Texas Comptroller's Office. Local government transparency provides taxpayers a visible look at where the money goes.