Fire Marshal's Office

The Fire Prevention Division is staffed by the Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshal who are responsible for a broad range of services and activities including inspections, investigations and education. In addition, the division is responsible for gathering and reporting vital statistical information. The members of the staff are state-certified firefighters and arson investigators as well as sworn peace officers. They are responsible for investigating fire to determine the origin and cause of fires that have occurred in the City of Weatherford including fires that resulted in burn injuries and/or fatalities and criminal mischief fires. One of the primary duties of this division is applying and enforcing the International Fire Code within the city. The staff works closely with the city's Planning and Development Department and inspectors to ensure compliance.

Permits and inspections are required for the installation, upgrade or repair of fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems, the installation or removal of fuel storage tanks, controlled burns, etc.  

For more information or questions please contact our office at 817-598-4280, or you can contact us directly with the following contact information.

Kevin Dozier - Fire Marshal

Frank Watson - Assistant Fire Marshal