Current Street Projects and Road Closures

Street 4 Year Maintence Plan 21-25

Union Pacific Railroad - Crossing Closure - November 8-9  

Union Pacific Railroad will have the N. Elm Street Railroad Crossing closed to through traffic for track maintenance. The road closure will be on Monday, November 8th through Tuesday, November 9th from 12 PM to 12 AM.

Please plan accordingly. Please see the maps below.  #UnionPacificRailroad #WeatherfordTx #RailroadCrossing #TrafficNotice

The Person-Of-Contact is Kyler Clennan 316-778-2112.

N. Elm RR Crossing - Railroad Crossing Closure 11/8/21

TX Weatherford N Elm St - Railroad Crossing Closure 11/8/21


Beginning Monday, November 15, 2021, the Transportation and Public Works Department will begin the rehabilitation process in the 100 block of Allen Street. The 100 block of Allen Street between Fort Worth Hwy and E Bankhead Dr. will be closed to through traffic during this project. This construction project is estimated to last approximately 2 weeks, weather permitting. Businesses and residents within the project area will have access to their property at all times. Please do not park vehicles on the street and/or edge of pavement, please limit watering and irrigation during this time along edge of pavement within the project area during this construction process. Below is a map showing the area to be under construction for your reference.

We appreciate your patience while we work toward improving road conditions at this location. Please contact the Transportation and Public Works Department at (817) 598-4245 for any questions or for more information in reference to this project. You can also check City of Weatherford website at for updated information on this project.100 BLOCK OF ALLEN ST