Campaign Finance Reports

** For questions regarding Campaign Finances, please contact the Texas Ethics Commission.

Local Filer Information:
2. Campaign Finance Guide for Candidates and Officeholders Who File With Local Filing Authorities.

Forms and Instructions:
1. Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer - Form CTA  / Instructions
2. Amended Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer - Form ACTA / Instructions
3. Code of Fair Campaign Practices - Form CFCP
4. Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report - Form C/OH / Instructions
    Correction Affidavit for Candidate/Officeholder - Form COR-C/OH
5. Candidate/Officeholder Report of Unexpended Contributions - Form C/OH-UC / Instructions
    Corrected C/OH-UC - Form COR-C/OH
6. Unsworn Declaration - Form UD