Vacation Home Watch

About the Program
The Vacation Home Watch, a free service offered by the Weatherford Police Department, gives Weatherford citizens peace of mind while they are away from home.

How the Program Works
  • Home owners print and complete a Vacation Home Watch application, which allows the department to collect necessary information so the patrol officers may know the circumstances at the residence.
  • Home owners deliver the application, in person, to the Weatherford Police Department.
  • While the home owner is away, a patrol officer will make a check of the residence at least two times daily until the home owner returns.
  • During the check, the officer will walk around the residence to make sure that the home is secure and other things seem to be in place.
  • If an emergency arises the home owner or the emergency contact person listed on the application will be notified immediately.
  • Home owners contact the Police Department upon their return home, to advise the department to close out the application.
Information requested on the application includes, but is not limited to:
  • Home owner contact information,
  • Emergency contact information,
  • Locations of lights left on,
  • Descriptions of vehicles, if any, that will be parked at the residence, and
  • Names of individuals allowed at the residence while the home owner is away.