Child Safety for Parents

The child safety checklist is an opportunity to sit down with your child and discuss situations that your child might encounter. It is suggested that you discuss a few situations each day. But there is no need to turn the checklist into drudgery or criticism. Children respond better to the "little at a time" approach. Remember, they are trusting little souls and precious gems of inexperience. Try not to scare them to death, but make them aware of the possible dangers around them.

Do not take anything for granted about what you think your child knows!

General Information Your Child Should Know
  • When to call 9-1-1
  • What to say to the 9-1-1 dispatcher (name, address, and tell what is happening)
  • Their parent(s) full name(s) ("Mommy & Daddy" is not enough)
  • Their home address
  • Their phone number
  • Where the parent(s) are employed
  • At least one close friend and/or relative's phone number
Code Word
This is a word or a phrase that you use with your children to confirm messages or rides with other adults.

For example, arrange for another adult pick up your child. Do not tell the child about the arrangement. Tell the other adult the code word and the child knows that it is okay. After using the word/phrase, change it.