Animal Shelter Advisory Committee

Current Agenda

Usual Meeting Dates & Times

1st Thursday in March, June, September and December, at 1:00 p.m. By law, this committee must meet a minimum of 3 times per year.

Meeting Location

Council Chambers, Weatherford City Hall, 303 Palo Pinto Street

Powers & Duties

  • The purpose of the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee shall be to assist the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter in complying with the requirements of Chapter 823 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. Additionally, if requested by the City Council, the Committee may provide recommendations to the City regarding compliance with the Texas Rabies Control Act and/or recommendations to improve the efficiency and quality of the City's animal control and protection program. 
  • The city council shall appoint members of the animal shelter advisory committee. The committee shall be in accord with state law. The committee shall consist of at least one licensed veterinarian, one county or municipal official, one person whose duties include the daily operation of the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, one representative from an animal welfare organization, and one citizen member who resides within the city limits. It shall not be necessary that any members appointed to this committee be residents of the City of Weatherford except the citizen member, so long as all appointments are made in accord with state law.


Dustin Deel, Director of Municipal and Community Services