Municipal Utility Board

Current Agenda

Usual Meeting Dates & Times

The Board meets on the Thursday following the fourth Tuesday of each month. The regular meeting always begins at 12 noon unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Work and executive sessions subject to be held as needed, either before or after the regular session.

Meeting Location

Council Chambers, Weatherford City Hall, 303 Palo Pinto Street

Powers & Duties

The management, control and operations of the electric system, wastewater system and water system of the City of Weatherford, including all properties now or hereafter a part, are vested in the Board of Trustees of the Weatherford Municipal Utility Systems. 

To prescribe all rules and regulations it finds advisable governing and regulating to the control, management and operations of said systems; to employ and discharge and fix the compensation of employees and fix and prescribe their duties respectively. 

Recommend rates and charges to be paid by customers for water, electricity, and sewage to the City Council for approval.


Krista Peacock, Assistant City Secretary