Code Enforcement

What We Do

The mission of the Weatherford Code Enforcement Team is to have a positive impact on the City as a whole and to improve the quality of life throughout the community. Code Enforcement is responsible for preserving the quality and value of public and private property, and maintaining a high standard of living by eliminating conditions that threaten the health, safety, life and general welfare of the public.

The City of Weatherford's Code Enforcement Officers (CEOs) are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Weatherford by providing effective public service in the enforcement of Building, Public Nuisance and Zoning Ordinances.

We are committed to working with both citizens and businesses in a professional manner. Enforcing City Codes protects the values and aesthetics of property.

Services We Provide

Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing codes which address public health and safety, including regulations related to:
  • High Weeds and Grass-  Weatherford Municipal Code [Title IV, Section 4-11-3 (p)], A person commits an offense if he is an owner, occupant or person in control of occupied or unoccupied premises within the city limits and permits weeds or grass located on the premises to grow to a height greater than 10 inches.

  • Illegal Dumping of Rubbish and Garbage-All exterior property and premises and the interior of every structure, shall be maintained free from any accumulation of rubbish and free from unsanitary conditions.

  • Unlawful Accumulation of Household Items in Yards or on Porches-Weatherford Municipal Code [Title IV, Section 4-11-3 (o)], All exterior property and premises and the interior of every structure, shall be maintained free from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage.  Rubbish is generally the accumulation of any storage of items around the outside of any residence, businesses, front porches or under carports.

  • Parking on Unimproved Surfaces- Weatherford Municipal Code [Title XII, Section 12-5-4 (3)] states that no parking is allowed on grass, within designated landscaping areas or on an unimproved surface.

  • Illegal Signs and Banners- The City of Weatherford approved an ordinance (WMC, Title XII, Section 12-5-7: Use Charts) prohibiting flag and banner signs to advertise businesses.  Signs that are allowed require permits to be obtained from the Development and Neighborhood Services Department.

  • Outside Storage- Weatherford Municipal Code, Title XII, Section 12-4-3 requires accessory outside displays to be located no more than fifteen (15) feet from the building to which they belong.  It must also not be in the public right of way or required parking and cannot be more than 36 square feet. 

  • Substandard Building Abatement
Enforcement is taken both pro actively and in response to requests for action received from citizens.